Blockchain solutions in 2022

Blockchain solutions in 2022

Forward- allowing Technology for Digital Business 

Blockchain is a technological conversion that has the implicit to drive profound, positive change. From tracking capitalist or supply and accelerating deals to smart insurance contracts and storing information in a decentralized, tamper-evidence tally, blockchain’s eventuality to revise businesses spans operations and diligence. 

 Driving the Blockchain Revolution 

Techsolvo provides companies with a complete view of blockchain geography and its implicit complaints. We support you at every step of blockchain acceptance, from design thinking-driven evaluation to assessing blockchain results to a colorful extent, creating proof-of-generalities and airman development to complete perpetuation of the result. Our moxie, technology-agnostic approach, purpose-erected infrastructures, and end-to-end delivery accelerate your enterprise blockchain deployments.

Design Allowing Driven Process 

Your roadmap to finance on the blockchain occasion. 

  • Estimate Blockchain Openings and Prototype 

 Evaluate blockchain openings with our Design Allowing- grounded evaluation frame and make prototypes. 

  • Aviator Blockchain Use-case and Assess Result 

 Relief, design and apply proposed blockchain use cases. Aviator with customers and assess the result. 

  • Execute and Test Blockchain Solution 

 Execute the blockchain result with technology and process limitations on the chosen platform. Test for performance, security, and scale. 

  • Integrate Partners and Network 

 Onboard mate systems and integrate with IT on a blockchain network. Enable agreement and governance processes. 

  • Apply and Operate Blockchain Network 

 Implement blockchain results across the network. Authorize updates and changes.


Blockchain Adoption 

Diligence embracing the coming swell of digital business. 

  • Blockchain in Supply Chain 
  1. Distributed business 
  2. Supply tracking 
  3. Limited incorporation of the information inflow 
  4. Automate payments and elimination of bad checks 
  5. End-to-end visibility of the entire force chain 
  • Blockchain in Finance 
  1. Simplify and accelerate cross-border payments 
  2. Automate deals and agreements 
  3. Lesser trade delicacy and shorter agreement process 
  4. Ameliorate online identity operation 
  5. Global payment
  • Blockchain in Insurance 
  1.  Effective exchange of trusted and checkable information 
  2.  Automate backing 
  3.  Accelerate rights Agreement 
  4. Automate accords between an insurer and secure 
  5.  Reduce fraud and abuse 
  • Blockchain in Healthcare 
  1. Pharma force chain transparency 
  2.  Secure and tamper- validation health records 

        3)    Civil interoperability 

        4)    Automate verification of medical claims 

        5) Provider data operation 

  • Blockchain in Retail 

       1) streamline Force following 

  1. Automate consumer and B2B compensations using smart deals 

       3) Food safety in force chain 

       4)Consumer privacy 

       5) constancy price points

  • Blockchain in Transportation 
  1. Greater visibility of workforce sequence 
  2. entrusted data across lift and logistics ecosystem 
  3. Accelerate customs concurrence using smart contracts 
  4. Easy collaboration of documents on a shared distributed census 
  5. Reduce processing time 
  • Blockchain in Agriculture 
  1. Ranch outfit sharing 
  2. Post crop produce logistics 
  3. Corroborate product integrity and authenticity 
  4.  Data change within specific stakeholders using smart contracts 
  5. Control rush extremity, ensure better decision making 


Blockchain Benefits 

  • New Business Value 

From hardening force chains to accelerating across-border deals and easing secure data operation using distributed tally, blockchain helps make more effective enterprise models. 

  • Reduced Threat 

Produce deals using a distributed, inflexible, and permission tally. Customize digital agreements called smart contracts to streamline and automate processes like payment agreements, ID verification, and legal arbitration. 

  • Trusted Ecosystem 

Make a network where data is tamper- evidence, dependable, and more accessible. The deals among mates on the network are traceable and empirical, erecting an ecosystem of trust with mates, suppliers, and clients.


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