How to create play to earn Games using Blockchain?



  1. Overview of Blockchain.
  2. Importance of Blockchain.
  3. Blockchain Gaming.
  4. How to make blockchain games?
  5. Chose best blockchain for building games.
  6. Build your blockchain game from scratch.
  7. How to earn from blockchain based games.


Overview of Blockchain 

Blockchain is a system in which the record of transactions in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc is maintained. Every computer in the blockchain is linked in peer to peer network. 

Blockchain is the trending field of technology nowadays because of its applications it is widely spreading in the whole world, from engineers to investors who want to earn and use this technology.

Importance of Blockchain

Blockchain is essential for businesses because of it’s 

  • Immutability (Information cannot be altered)
  • Transparency (transparency can help businesses to track everything)
  • Efficiency (Increase the efficiency of business)
  • Traceability (Reduces the fraud and suspicious activities because of its traceability)
  • Security (Layers of Security are present in this such as cryptography with advanced algorithms)


Blockchain Gaming

In Games, the blockchain has an important key because traditionally gamers worldwide spend more than 50 billion $ on game assets like character skins, gems, royal pass, etc. All of the revenue goes to the gaming companies directly but with the introduction of blockchain, this all will be changed. And will boost the gaming sector completely.

Some of the reasons why blockchain is an x-factor in gaming are 

  • Gamers will be able to own the in-game assets.
  • Gamers will earn cryptocurrency along with the joy of gaming.
  • A blockchain network will verify trading.

Another strong reason why blockchain is beneficial to gaming is the rise of NFTs, also known as crypto collectibles, which are one-of-a-kind digital assets that cannot be duplicated. Forms of NFTs include game assets like skins, virtual passes, weapons, maps, etc.

This will then allows gamers or players to own the in-game assets rather than the game developers and can reach up to thousands of dollars in the NFT marketplace like Opensea, and Super Rare. 


How to make a blockchain game?

Blockchain game development starts with a thorough market analysis. After you known the subject of your game supported the accessible crypto games and thought of all blessings of blockchain-based gambling, you'll be able to proceed to the particular development. The latter concerns primarily the technological decisions you need to make to create an engaging, user-friendly crypto game that would truly stand out.

Before rushing and making a blockchain based game from scratch first let’s take a look at the already been created games:

  1. Age of Rust : This sci-fi game permits players to immerse themselves in a very dark atmosphere of the anti-utopia world. the sport invitations players to participate in house missions, discover unknown planets, and collect crypto assets that may be then changed exploitation the P2P system.
  2. pixEOS: This game would surely appeal to creative gamers because it allows them to create artwork and share it with other users. The game's key advantage is that it is open to both blockchain users and those who do not have a blockchain wallet.
  3. CryptoPop: This game could inform you of the favored Candy Rush game. Players will cluster coins and pop them to earn assets in CryptoPop. Notably, participants will choose a cryptocurrency to be rewarded in, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.
  4. Evolution Land: Combining totally different play activities, like auctions, combat, micromanagement, and others, this game permits players to conduct cross-chain transactions. Fans of virtual simulation and complicated methods will definitely get pleasure from this blockchain-based game.
  5. Hash Rush: This sci-fi game invitations players to assist the races contend for resources and gain management over planets. Developed with the assistance of the 4IRE professionals, this game permits players to settle on whether or not they wish to use blockchain or not. Irrespectively of players’ selections, all tokens attained during this game have real-world price.


Choose the Best Blockchain Platform 

The first and most critical consideration is choosing the right blockchain programming language and platform. Ethereum is trending and is the most well-known and widely utilised cross-industry blockchain platform for performing crypto transactions and developing blockchain-based apps. Ethereum is currently one of the most dependable, reliable, and user-friendly systems, boosting the blockchain gaming experience. Many popular crypto games, such Axie Infinity, Illuvium, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and others, opt Ethereum as their blockchain platform and it is a viable choice.


Build your Blockchain game from scratch

The work of creating a Blockchain based game from scratch is kinda tedious and difficult which should take a lot of time. First, you would like to create a skilled team of game developers to create a blockchain games. Then, it's important to find the appro[riate blockchain platform for your game such as Ethereum, Solana etc. when putting in the required tools and reviewing the sensible contracts of competitors, the team ought to code new sensible contracts. when careful testing, the game will then be released in the public to see the response.


How to earn from Blockchain based games

Blockchain and DeFi Projects have evolved the crypto revolution so much that it’s not just digital currency it is more than that, Which is why blockchain has so many                  applications in the NFTs, GameFi and also in the engineering mind behind the Game development. 


With the News of NFTs taking over the digital world, 2022 is becoming the year of “Play and Earn” because of the new heights in crypto market. Although Making Money in the Crypto is never been an easy task, you have to research on your own, you have to put efforts to finding the best investment, join the popular Telegram & Discord channels which will help you to get the latest news and information about the various new NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which will boost your investment and gives you the real advantage of blockchain. 


In Gaming industry, the Play-to-Earn business is making a very fast progress, because this idea is all about giving financial rewards to their best players who provides value to the game environment and game company makes huge profit out of it.


The play-to-earn business model gives gamers ownership of in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game. By participating in the in-game economy, gamers create value for other players and developers. As a result, they receive in-game assets. These digital assets range from bitcoin to in-game objects that have been blockchain tokenized. As a result, the play-to-earn business model complements blockchain gaming perfectly.


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How to create play to earn Games using Blockchain?

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