Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology

Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology

Do you want to know about the drawbacks of blockchain technology? If your answer is yes then, you are at the right place. Let’s know more!

However, also you'll experience a trend of positive compositions and information about blockchain If you're following the blockchain technology geography. Nearly every publication is dealing the term to drive blockchain acceptance among enterprise customers, learners, and designers. 

 Still, that’s only the partial side of blockchain technology. exactly like any distant technology, it does approach with its disadvantages, i.e., drawbacks. 

 The tendencies also state for themselves. Companies are coming across blockchain faculty as its demands rise. In this essay, we will research those drawbacks and derive blockchain technology in a much better way. 

Still, you formerly know the advantages of blockchain, If you're reading the composition. It's inflexible, transparent, secure, and decentralized. 


  1. Difficulties with Streamlining and Elimination of Crimes 

The exercise must be streamlined on each knot of the P2P network or fanned if any part of the knots doesn’t accept the corrections. 

  1. Network Robustness for constant Purposes 

All exercises have a business sense behind them. The sense defines how new operations must work in terms of business conditions. By complexion, blockchain employs a precise sensation that doesn’t allow redesign without the loss of benefits leading to the need for logical business changes to be respectable to the blockchain result. 

  1.  Difficulty of Development 

Applying truly complex protocols to achieve agreement and allow for gauging from the morning is truly important. One can't hastily apply an idea hoping to subsequently add new features and expand the operation without redeployment of the network or separating. 

 Operations don’t generally bear third-party APIs to store and recoup data. The decentralized app shouldn’t also depend on other Dapps. This might sound good in proposition but causes difficulties in practice. 

  1. Crime  

Some operations need to corroborate the identity of a user since there is no central authority to assure the identity of the user, the development of certain decentralized apps becomes a serious problem. 

The obscurity or lack of user identification is a serious hindrance and is used by lawbreakers to do illegal deals.  

  1. Technology for the geeks 

Utmost people consider blockchain technology to be for tech-smart people. You have to be familiar with technology to make a trade, store crypto, trade it and so much more. 

  1. Mortal error 

Blockchain technology can’t be edited or modified meaning all the information on it has to be 100accurate. Still, you lose the Private Key used to pierce the blockchain, it’s nearly impossible to get access to the network, If for illustration.

  1. Interoperability 

 Another debit that blockchain technology suffers from is interoperability. As adverted in the final juncture, there are multitudinous descriptions of blockchain networks that work differently, trying to break the DLT problem in their unique way. This leads to interoperability issues where these chains are not suitable to communicate effectively. 

The interoperability effect similarly persists when it comes to traditional systems and systems using blockchain technology.

  1.  Legacy Systems 

 Not all companies hold revised heritage systems. There are still multitudinous associations that calculate on heritage systems to run their custom. Still, if they want to adopt blockchain technology, they need to completely get relieved of their systems and change to blockchain technology — which is not realizable for every business out there. 

  1. Not Fully protect 

Blockchain technology is additionally assured than other platforms. Still, this doesn’t mean that it isn't fully secure. There are different ways the blockchain network can be adventured. Let’s go through them below one by one to make further sense out of it.



This leads us to the check of our drawbacks of blockchain technology. There is no reservation that blockchain technology has its cons and all the points that we argued over. 

There are newer blockchain results that offer better results compared to the first generation of blockchain technology. For illustration, Ethereum answered the inefficiencies by shifting to a better blockchain technology result where there is a way of automation using smart contracts. It also espoused Proof-of-Stake (PoS) which is kindly more effective than that of Proof-of-Work (PoW).

We similarly have Hyperledger – an open-source action by The Linux Foundation trying to unify the blockchain results under one big marquee. This will help the way how enterprises borrow blockchain technology including fabrics, tools, APIs, and so on.


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